Nina Singer

Position title: NDGNS Graduate Assistant


Ya’et’eeh, shí éí Antonina Singer yinish’yéh. Táchii’nii nish’Łi. Kinyaa’áanii éí bashishchíín.  Tó’aheedlíinii éí dashichei.  Tsi’naajinii éí dashinalí.

Hello. My name is Antonina Singer. I am Diné (Navajo). I belong to the Red Running Into the Water Clan. I was born for the Towering House People. My maternal grandfather (Shi’chei) belonged to the Water-Flows Together Clan and my paternal grandfather (Shi’nali Ha’stii) belonged to the Black Streaked Wood Clan.

I am a second year graduate student in the Professional MBA program.  I look forward to meeting you in future events, especially our talking circles.  Since the beginning, our People have used talking circles to communicate, solve problems and provide healing.  It is my hopes we can provide another safe space for each one of you.