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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACTS?

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services (ACTS) is a service that matches students with academic coaches for one-on-one, small group and/or large group tutoring help year-round. It is part of the UW–Madison Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) and serves students who are part of the division’s scholarship and service programs.

Who can apply to get matched with an ACTS coach?

Students must be enrolled in one of the DDEEA scholarships or academic service programs to apply to be matched with an ACTS coach.

Those programs are:

Where can I get help if I’m not eligible to apply for an ACTS coach?

The Office of Undergraduate Advising has an extensive listing of Tutoring and Learning Support Resources, which allows you to search for resources that meet your particular needs.

How is ACTS different from other tutoring services on campus?

Our tutoring model is designed to meet each student where they are in their academic journey. ACTS works to find academic coaches who meet the specific needs of each student who applies for tutoring. On a large and sometimes isolating campus, working one-on-one with peers or in small groups can help with…

  • easing the anxiety of asking questions in large groups of strangers;
  • providing the opportunity to work with a coach who comes from a similar background;
  • understanding the barriers and unknown expectations first-generation college students often face;
  • providing proactive support and improvement techniques to boost one’s confidence.

How do I sign up to be a coach with ACTS?

We are always looking for people who want to help their fellow students in a wide range of subject areas. To apply to become an ACTS coach, please fill out an application in the Student Jobs board. Details about pay rate, hours, schedule and more can be found in the job description or contacting ACTS at
acts@cdo.wisc.edu or 608-890-2579.

How do I sign up to receive tutoring with an ACTS coach?

To apply to be matched with a coach, please fill out this form and we’ll work on finding someone who can help with your subject needs.

Where is the ACTS office located?

Our offices are in suite 224 on the second floor of the Middleton Building, 1305 Linden Drive.